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If you want to utilize this site fully, there are many extra features that you may not even realize are available.

Did you know you can rate photos? When you pull up a photo to look at the full sized picture, there are 5 greyed out stars to the right of the photo. You may click on these to assign 1-5 stars. If you've ever used Netflix or similar programs this works exactly the same. If one person rates a photo as a 5, and someone else as a 2, then that photo's score would be around a 3.5. This is just an example.

Right now, I have our photo slideshow set to show the 100 most recent photos. At some point, I have the option to feature the top rated photos in the slide show. Or, I can set it to show a totally random mix of ALL the photos - and right now we have over 1000! I figured while we are still attracting so many new members, I'd leave it at showing recent photos for the time being.

If you want to see photos that aren't currently displayed in the slideshow, then all you have to do is click on the photos tab at the top of the page. Or, go to an individual member's page (also a tab on the top of the page) and you'll see only their photos. Another thing you can do is to mark photos or items as "favorites".

SETTINGS: On the right side of your page, you'll see a "settings" box. This is where you can control your own page, including email notifications. Do you want to receive more or less emails? This is where you can go to personalize what emails you get.

Also, at the bottom of many pages there is a small RSS icon. If you aren't familiar with RSS, it is a way of following updates to various websites and activities. Our "techie" Oz, has written a great explanation of RSS and how to use it in our forum posts under the category "How to use this website". If you have any questions relating to using this website more effectively, this forum is the best place to go for information. In addition to placing this post visibly as a blog, I will also post it in the forum for future reference.

More tips to follow - be sure to check the forum area for the latest discussions. Using the forum? Please try to add your discussions to the appropriate categories. If the administrators feel they belong in another category, they may be moved to the more appropriate place.

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