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I have been mentioning 950 degree wood burners at Michaels. I just bought a spare one and the only 950 degree ones they have are the Walnut Hollow multi tip ones,  at least at my local store they had 600 and 750 too. For burning wood a cool burner is like using a dull knife. For burning gourds , maybe not . Perhaps, I should get a cooler burner and see how it works on gourds , for my interested pupils.... Any thoughts ?

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Hi Susan - I am planning on teaching a wood burned project using an inexpensive simple wood burner at our Washington State Gourd Festival in July. I have yet to define my parameters , but it was mentioned informally at our last WSGS meeting on Jan. 24th. I plan on featuring a horse project.
Dremel makes a woodburner that tops out at 1050 degrees. http://www.amazon.com/Dremel-1550-Versa-Multipurpose-Tool/dp/B00003...

You can get these at Lowes and Fred Meyers
Thanks Oz - I get mine on line too, Didn't think I needed the hottest for the class.
I use the old fashioned traditional burner that burns at 1050 degrees and I use the wedge shaped tip for everything I do. I have been burning ,mainly on wood,for over 30 years . Practice .practice, practice. I got a Detailer last year and I am having trouble adjusting to it . I figured there might be some folks out there who want to learn on a less expensive option.
Thank you (-:
Thanks Oz ! Saves me some mailing costs and instant gratification when needed!


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