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I don't know about you guys but I think this is one heck of a cool website. There is a lot of stuff combined to keep you coming back for more. Pictures, forum posts, Groups oh my...

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Not to mention the mail box filling up with notices that make you "log on"
I just have to take a look a dozen time a day to see what someone had to say !
Glo, if you don't want all the email updates, when you make a comment in a forum (at the bottom of the page, in the middle there is a "Stop Following" link), just click it and you won't get updates to that forum that you made a comment in.

Look below for the "Stop Following" link
Are you KIDDING me ... and miss everything ?????
Alrighty then, you keep checking then, I won't stop you.
I would of missed your poetic moment.......
That songs going to be humming in my head for hour.
You did a great job though, even if it haunts me all night.
Careful, your going to scare Myrna again.
Well? Did the tune stick in your head?
That's exactly what I'm sayin'!
Okay Mr. Technical man...I have a question. When I go into my email account I have a gillion (yes, that's right..a gillion) and alot are from Gourd Enthusiasts..my question..do I have to go Back into each email click on the gourdart ethus. link then go back into it? Quit rolling your eyes..didn't your teacher tell you there is no dumb question??
look at the second reply above for Glo if you don't want to recieve constant updates.

You can go back to your email each time, the link in that email will bring you to where ever the latest reply is on this website. Example: you reply on a gourd picture of Bonnie's (you get an email) she responds back (you get an email) you click the link in the email, it brings you back to the picture you commented on with Bonnie's new comment.

That's the way each of those emails work
Oz, I also found that if you click on the latest e-mail, it takes you to the site where all the rest of the e-mails you were notified about are, so you you don't need to click on each one.
Now THAT'S the answer I was looking for!..I know how to what Oz told me..sheesh..what am I gonna do with him?? Anyway, thanks Gloria!


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