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How many of you out there would participate in a gourd patch if someone else organized it?

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I would, I would said the gourdhead on the island all by himself.
Well I know of one in Tacoma! We meet monthly!!
No, you are not alone, you have us all! And you clearly would not be alone on gourd island.
Gourd Island, I like the sound of that.
I like the sound of that myself! How many of us can you handle at your house -- looks like you have a nice yard that we can gather at in the nice weather!
Do you still hear the song in your head? Maybe we all need a sound file of you singing the Gourd Island song!
Now cut it out. I don't feel good and you worry me when you get this weird...
Well that's true!Weird can be a good thing..how boring to be middle of the road on everything!!! You know me well enough to know that's not gonna happen!...
I would be worried also, because then I wouldn't be myself. I would be boring Oz, and nobody wants to see boring Oz. I don't like that guy, him and his little cronies drive me crazy....
Jim, as far as I can tell these are old posts from Jan of this year. I remember these conversations and they are old.

Stacy did reply to one yesterday about me gourd island song, nad I know that was soemthing that I posted a year ago. Maybe she was just going through old posts and decieded to make a comment. Thus I got an email saing she commented and because she did and we follow the post any new comments, you and I are notified be email.

Thats all I got
The Crystal Gourd Patch is meeting tomorrow! I think, no I know, it's going to be great fun.
It was so much fun learning a new coloring/dying technique. Thank you STACY! Learning to work with Radiant Rain paints was so much fun! Getting together with you, Sandra, Sally, Myrna, Bob and Alana made my day! The soup was fabulous, going to the ARTCO art store was great (we have to figure out how to put a BIGGER bug in the manager's ears to get those Radiant Rain colors in and NOW! I look forward to the next WSGS South Patch gourd gathering -- February 13th!


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