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I am in Pennsylvania and am curious as to where there are shows.  I live in Montgomery County.

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There is a Gourd Festival being held on April 30, 31 and May 1, 2011 at the Fair Hill Natural Resource Management area in Fail Hill MD... They are offering classes of all sorts as well.. I will be there all 3 days.. taking classes, enjoying what creations others have done, and buying raw gourds for my works.. Hope to see you there.

Hi Barbara,

I would like to attend your festival but I am a real coward when it comes to driving out of my "comfort zone".  Perhaps you will be at Smuckers.

Tank you,


Hi Laura,
The PA Gourd Society's first meeting of 2011 is Sat March 19th at 10 am. Location is Smucker's Gourd Farm, 317 Springville Rd, Kinzers, PA. It is about 5 miles south of Shady Maple routes 987/23 (Springville Rd is also Route 897)
April 9th, Gourd Growing Workshop (must be a member to attend)
April 16th, Gourd Harvest event
May 21st Rainstick Workshop (must be a member to attend)
June 23-26th PA Gourd Fest...classes posted on line. go to http://pagourdsociety.org/FestClasses.htm to view and register online or by mail
Visit our website for more information on the PA Gourd Society. http://pagourdsociety.org

Hi Terry.  I appreciate your quick response.  I am headed to Smucker's Farm this weekend but I did not know that they had a festival there.  I hope I will be able to attend----I would love to meet you and other members.


Thanks again,


Hello Laura I see that Terry Noxel President of Pa ourd Society directed you to the we site. We would love to see you at the upcoming meeting as well as the Festival.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.  I have been a member for three years and I can say it is a great group of folks 

  Hi Brenda.  Thank you so much for contacting me.  I am going to be out of town for a couple of weeks but will back in touch to bother you with lots of questions!


Hello there....You are not that far from where I live. I am in PA in a place called New Park. If you need a ride to meetings or to just even follow you are more then welcome to do so with me here. We have so much fun at our meetings and for sure our festival.  



Hello Sylvia.  I do not know where New Park is but will check it out on the map.  If I am able to make the Festival at Smucker's Farm, I hope I will see you there.



Hope to see you there also at the festival it is so much fun and sooooooooo much to see and do.
Takew care.


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