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Why do you keep changing places for the Show every year?

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Hi Darlene.

The Smucker family decided that holding the Fest at their farm was more than they could handle, as it required a huge interruption in their lives to host the Fest.  We are highly grateful we were able to hold it there as long as we did.  So, the fest committee arranged for it to be held at Shady Maple.  Then, after the Fest, when the committee checked to see about holding the 2014 Fest there, the committee was told the price to rent space there this year would be much more than last year and there were issues with the times we could have the space for.  So the committee had to look around for a new venue for this year's Fest. Many factors are considered when trying to find a suitable location. We would all love to find a permanent venue for it.  We will have to see what happens with the location this year.  Maybe we will have found the best location for our needs.

Thank You Kathy for replying to my question. I can only imagine how hard it is to work everything out to make it work for all. I understand, just like you would like it to be settled to one spot. We come from 6 hrs away and to have to find a new spot its in is not always easy for us and we stay at a Bread & Breakfast that was so close to the last 2 places you held the show. This year will be an hr away, so we will see, but I do love the show so much, I don't think it will keep us away! I have to say I have always been pleased with everything you all have done, its a lot of work! The teachers have been wonderful as well! Thank You......


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