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Hello Ohio Gourd Society Members! Does anyone know if the patch (the kind you sew on a jacket) that is our logo for OH actually exists? Or where I could get a jpg of it? I'd like to make a nametag for myself using the image?

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Celia, I have never seen one. Let me know if you find it.



Will do.

Heard from Lyn:  Not that I know of. I will attach a .jpg file -- if it suits your needs, you may certainly use it. If you need a larger graphic, probably contact Bruce Barber or John Martin. Since I only do computer work, my file is small.


Heard from Bruce: No, not to my knowlege was there ever a patch to sew on. I do not have a electronic version, as you say, of the OGS logo. What you see is all we have . Bruce 


Suggested we get one to sell as a fundraiser at the Ohio Show - perhaps other states would want to do the same? Bruce said:

GOOD IDEA! Bring it up at the show. If you get one done, maybe we could add it to our membership  both. Talk to Marylin Sipple about it. I am sending her this emal also. Bruce

I managed to insert the image below. I am thinking OH might consider redoing the design? Maybe have a call to our members for suggestions or something. Let me know if you can't access the image.  


I don't think so Celia. You can copy and paste the logo from here or the Ohio Gourd Society homepage. Thats what I did to create the logo for this GAE page.

You could also email someone on the board (listed on the ohio gourd society webpage) and ask them if the art work exists.

Sounds good. I did email Lyn Rehm with the question, so I'll see what she has to say. Thanks!

1) Has anyone done anything concerning the logo patch?

2) If so I would like to review to proof artwork before it goes to the  patch company.

3) as far as redesigning the logo, If yo have suggestions, present them to the OGS Board.


Thanks Bruce



Bruce, I have not pursued the OGS logo patch idea since my initial inquiries on this site. In all the prep to get to the Ohio show this year (2011) I did not remember to bring it up to anyone and haven't heard anything through the grapevine about it . . .


I will work with some pepole I know to see if I can get a sample patch to show to the board for their approval and we will go from there. I know you as a member you can use the logo for your personal use. But we will need approval from the board to make a patch to sell to others. Thanks for your interest. See you at Franklin Park in February. 


Bruce, Oh - I am not interested in making an OGS patch to sell to others. I was just wondering if the OGS had one for sale or if the OGS would consider making one available to sell - especially as a fundraiser for OGS.

With the logo as it exists in jpg, I was only interested in using that at my booth or on a nametag as another way to promote the OGS and declare my membership.

Hadn't heard about Franklin Park in Feb. Could you send me the date(s)? Thanks! Celia

No Problem! The date for the Franklin Park Event is February 4th & 5th 2012. Hope to se you there. Bruce 


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