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I am a member of the nc gourd soc. I would like to be on this site

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Hi Jean,

Good to see you here. Did you get to the NCGS festival? Do you grow gourds? What kinds of craft do you like best?

Mary Ann in Durham
I did not get to go this year. I was in the Cary gourd soc. years ago and I went then [amazing]. I paint gourds and I have started working with leather. I ordered several bits because I want to try carving. I love all the beautiful gourds on this site. I want to put some photos later.
Hi Jean,

You and I probably met while you were in the Cary Gourd Society. I was active in it for many, many years, until it became the NC Gourd Society about 10 years ago. You probably already received the Winter Gourd News via email, but here are details of our meeting.

Winter Meeting Craft & Workshop
2-5 p.m., Nov. 20, Durham Public Library, 300 N. Roxboro Rd., in the first-floor auditorium. Directions at www.durhamcountylibrary.org/locations/main.php

We're going to make autumn leaf bowls. People really like them and our festival theme in 2011 is "Fall into Gourds."

Hope to see you there.

Mary Ann
Thanks again for coming to see me this weekend at my show, it was great to meet another gourd lover.
I check on the meeting and it will be the 18th at 6:30 hope to see you there. We will be doing windchimes and Christmas gourds.
I plan to go and yevette said she will go. I was hoping she would get hooked on gourds like i have been for about 20 years. Yevette is from Peru and they really know how to carve and burn their gourds. I got hooked when my daughter and I went to Helen GA while we were on vacation. See you on the 18th.


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