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Are any of you planning on vending or teaching this October at Morton Arboretum?  If so, what week ends and what classes are you planning?

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Oops, entered my response in the wrong section. If there is space, I'll be teaching on 2nd and 4th weekends in Oct. Classes are life journey vessel, contemporary talking stick, and Asian vessel.
Here is my intro to the class listing --Bring peace and tranquility to the Family Council, the dinner table, or the work group with a contemporary version of the traditional talking stick of Native American cultures. The Talking Stick obliges the speaker to express himself completely and from the heart, it obliges listeners to participate in the same way. All members of the group have an opportunity to hold The Talking Stick and to speak. Every person’s point of view is heard without comment or argument. The Talking Stick is the tool that teaches each of us to honor the Sacred Point of View of every living creature.

I decorate a hard-shell gourd with contemporary or traditional symbols reflective of the individuals in the group; family members, friends, or co-workers. The gourd, mounted on a sturdy wood handle with a leather hanging strap, is embellished with the traditional feather, personal totems, beads and other natural materials.
Cool...and...wow could my grandkids ever use that! They all endorse the philosophy of everybody talk and nobody listen...I was afraid at first it might be related to "talk softly and carry a big stick" philosophy that I keep threatening them with. Can't wait to see it.
I'll be doing a carving demo on the first weekend. I'm either between Booth 2 and 4 or I'll get a spot outside the tent. Not sure yet.
Dad gum--thats something I'd like to see and I won't be there till I teach a class on a gourd shard necklace on the 18th. the first week end, I'll be in southern IL at a rabit show. I should have the book in hand by then.
Oh! Will it not be out by the ILGS in Chicago? Can I buy one from you?
Hoping to have them by ILGS--but that will be pushing the calendar, will have them by Oct for sure. I'll reserve one for you.
Thanks, Liz!


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