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Judy Shumake, our web master for the Georgia Gourd Society, had brain surgery today for a tumor on her brain.

I am happy to let everyone who knows her that she is doing good. They removed all of her tumor. It was not growing from her brain stem but was attached to her skull. It is cancerous but they are saying that with radiation they think her odds are good.

Prayers going her way would be good and thank you.


Sandra Hutchins

Editor, The Bloomin' Gourd

Georgia Gourd Society Newsletter




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Hi, Rita,

Good to hear from you. Judy has recovered very nicely from her surgery. She still hasn't returned to work and might take disability. Bill, he husband, was hospitlizied for a few day (my mind is blank and remember what the problem was) is home and everything is okay.

I appreciate your prayers very much and I am sure Judy does also. As far as my cancer is concerned, I am going into my fourth year cancer free. Hallelujah! I have other health issue that are major concerns until we find out more so, keep those prayers coming.

Thanks for thinking of us


Had bleed in my brain they said I was going to die I said no and that was 5 years ago no more bleeding


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