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Thanks Bonnie for the group. I just thought this might be a good place to add events that are happening around Georgia. Gourd events, selling venues, gallery shows, festivals, yard sales, etc.

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Cathy, How can I find good avenues to sell my gourd & cypress knee art in and around Georgia - do you know? Thanks!

I hope to see some info about events here in GA. I would love to attend some, I'm in Acworth, but don't mind getting my Husband to take me just about anywhere in the state.  :-)



Hi Cindy.  Our GA Gourd Society website is temporarily down during a change over of webmasters and servers.  But you might be interested in the Southern Gourd Retreat in Rincon, GA - March 25, 26, 27.

And put on your calendar our GA Gourd Festival in Perry November 18, 19, and 20.  A GED (Gourd Education Day) is being planned for Marietta on April 30th.

Thank you for the info. I'm so excited to hear of stuff locally


Cindy, the Georgia Gourd Society is having a GED (Gourd Education Day) in Marietta on April 30th (information below). Your husband is the type we like in the GGS. My husband is the same way.

We are having adult and children classes and demos during the day and everyone is invited.

Mountain View Community Center
3400 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta
9:00 am – 4:00 pm


As Sandy said, our web site is down due to a transition to a new web master. It should be up very soon so keep checking our www.georgiagourdsociety.com.

Also, we have patch meetings around the state. Sandy T. and I both belong to the Hot'lanta Gourd Patch in Duluth (Gwinnett County) and our next meeting is March 12th. We will have a class on olor Resist without using wax. You are very welcome to this meeting.


I hope you will come to any and all of our events including the match meeting. If you need directions to the patch meeting, send me an email and I will get them to you.
What kind of classes will you be having at the Gourd Education Day. I'd like to hear more info about this.

If there are any changes in the classes it will be noted in future issues of the BG. Hope to see you at the GED. If you need more information, please send me an email.


Children’s Classes—free
Gourd shard necklace
Gourd Critter
Musical Gourd Rattles

Adult Classes—All adult classes are $3.00 plus the cost of gourd, with the average gourd costing $5.00.
Pointillism gourd birdhouse or bowl
Wax relief gourd bowl or birdhouse
Painted or dyed gourd bowl or birdhouse
Pine needle rim for gourd
Philodendron rim for gourd
Basket rim
Coiled rim

Advanced Adult Gourd Classes—Must provide your own tools.
Woodburned design gourd
Carved & Burned Golden Carp
Ocean Drum


Thanks Sandy for the good info. Christine, there is the Cherokee Gourd Gathering in June that might be close to you. Cindy, I'll try to get some events posted. Take care, Cathy

Sweet, I'll have to look into it. Thanks

Hi Cathy -  Yes, I attend the Cherokee Gourd Gathering EVERY YEAR!!  That's a great place for beginners to advanced, and SO MUCH FUN!!!  Since I wrote my question in March of last year I have found a very good place to sell my gourd and cypress knee art:  Land of Waterfalls Art Gallery(www.landofwaterfallsgallery,com) just 7 miles from my home!

Do you know that we are also having our second anual MOUNTAIN GOURD GATHERING here in Cedar Mountain, NC (where I live) this August 19 & 20TH?  You are invited to attend if you can.  Some teachers will be Debbie Wilson, Marianne Barnes and Peggy Ash.  Vendors will include Mr. Boozer with his sheaths, pine needles, etc... plus "Ghost Creek Gourds"(already-cleaned gourds), and probably "The Pod Lady" herself: Betsey Sloan, who may teach as well! 


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