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I kept looking for a FLorida group on here and didn't see one, so today I decided to add one. I hope there are others in FL who would like to join this group. I know I have a ton of gourd customers in FL, so it will be fun to see who's out there roaming GAE.

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Hi Barbara,
I know you were looking for a gourd group in April but I am in Jax and wouldd travel for a good "learning" session. Any luck finding or starting one? Linda Vacca

Hi Linda,

We are organizing a mini gourd art festival on Nov. 12th at the Heritage Village in Crystal River. We are looking for vendors, demos or short classes to participate. We are hoping some of the winter residents will be back in Fl by then. We are trying to build up interest before the big State Show in Feb. 

I will let you know if we do anything at our farm.



Hi Linda Let me know if your still needing teachers,i might be able to come and teach power carving

or color pencil , susieQ  828-508-2340

Barbara, I'm so glad you added the Florida group, because I was looking too.  Now, I'm wondering why our FGS show isn't posted on the EVENTS page.   I'm really looking forward to being in the new location in Melbourne. 

It is up to each group to post their own events.  The administrators have to approve them, but we don't post them ourselves.


I gave the them a heads-up several weeks ago.  You'd think they'd have taken some action by now.  Guess I need to put on my "Nag'em" hat!  There's still time, I'm sure.

I am in Daytona Beach, I'd would like to join a group for Gourd Crafters! Or any other craft too!

OH!  you are going to be just minutes from the Florida Gourd show in Melbourne, the last weekend of Feb.  GO! (it's free)  join the Fl Gourd Society at their booth and get all sorts of goodies.  If you have a gourd or gourds you feel is exceptional, by all means, enter it in the competition.  Just go to the events at the top of your page and click on Florida Gourd Show or to www.flgourdsoc.org to get all the information.  I'll be doing a gourd paper demo.  Hope to see you there!

I will try to go! Sounds like fun! Is it just a show or do they sell there too?

Buy, Sell, classes and demos, vendors of everything you could want for gourd ctafting.  I've been to other gourd shows, this is one of the very best.  Go to their website and check it all out.

Cora, when are they going to post the classes for this Feb. show?

I wish I knew!  There is only one class I want to take and I know it will fill up fast.  Go to the site - I know there are several people listed you can email with questions.  (they're probably tired of hearing from ME!)  ;o)


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