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Just found your posts and am excited!  The Gourdivas are a group of 10+ women who were just talking about why Colorado does not have a festival or any organized events.  Would love to get together with others in Colorado.

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I live in Colorado Springs and would be willing to particpate with the group.
HI Chuck! We are just above Estes Park and would be willing to travel to the Springs to meet with you and other gourd enthusiasts. One of our group met a couple at the New Mexico festival. One is from Pueblo area and the other is from Black Canyon near you.

Nancy, I am in the very far NE corner of Colorado...closest bigger town in my area is Sterling, do you know of others in this area, Tami
Hi Tami - you are in Haxtun and one of our Gordivas just bought a 2nd home there because her daughter lives there! Maybe we can do a girls weekend and invade your area of Colorado!

Wonderful, please have her contact me...qhat is her name....I'll share what gourds I grow with her and YES lets have a weekend invasion.....Tami
Hey, I do gourds too! Up here in BV. I'd love to join.
I just found this site. I don't have pictures yet.
Hey Kayla and Nancy and everyone. I am really excited to find other gourd artists in Colorado. I live half time in California and half in Colorado and when I came to Colorado, I found no gourders so I started the Gourdiva group. We are between Estes and Longmont and would love anyone in our area to join us - we gourd every Friday. When I return to Colorado in May I will be organizing some classes for the summer months - I will teach one a month and would love it if someone else would like to teach.
Vicki Dyas
I attended one of you gourd classes last year in Allenspark and live in Longmont. I would like to attend the gourding group meetings. Who should I contact here to get involved?

Ron Modesitt
835 Sanctuary Cir
Longmont, CO 80504
Hey Ron - we'd love to have you. As I said I will be back in May but until then you could talk with Rosalie Hill to get started with the group. I emailed you separately about the woodburners so you should have my email. I think I have your phone number from last summer so will give it to Rosalie to contact you...
Looking forward to seeing you
Thanks, Kayla. You rock!

I will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. We are throwing a suprise birthday party for my Dad's 80th birthday on 4/10. I am leaving next week and won't be back online for a couple of weeks. Most of my energy is directed towards getting things together for that right now.

Just wanted you to know if I don't answer e-mails.

Nancy - so glad you found this site. I have been trying to get some of the Gourdivas on here so happy to see one of you finally.
Looking forward to gourding with you this summer.
HI Vicki - see what you started! :)

We are having a blast and know it will continue once you get back here. We are adding numbers.




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