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Hi Everyone...I am wondering if I am the only gourder in the Niagara area ? It seems to me that you all are fairly well organized in different areas of Ontario,BC has several exceptual artists but I can't seem to be able connect with anyone here near the Thundering Waters....Wayne

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Hi Wayne,
I'm having Raven, the CGS Membership Executive looking into your request. If my memory is correct, you are the only member in that area, but there are members south and west of you. I believe there is a members map available on the CGS website or maybe it is their Yahoo group that has this map!! My current position with the CGS is Treasurer so I'm not up on the current membership. There are also CGS Chapters in Southern Ontario and the Peterborough area. The Southern Ontario chapter, kindly known as the HOG's....Happy Ontario Gourder's...do travel and I'm sure would be more than happy to visit the Niagara area.

Thank you Bonnie....I'm feeling a little lonely here. I have some of my work in 2 galleries here in the area and have had good response about gourd art. Maybe I should start a basic gourd class here to get people moving in this direction....Wayne
Hi Wayne,
I have met people from the area in question when I have had the Canadian Gourd Society booth at the Hamilton Wood Show. There are some gourders in the area, most gourding on their own. I wonder if an ad in a paper would help? Another idea is to leave the CGS pamphlets at the galleries where you have your gourds. The Peter Patch in the Peterborough area has grown by word of mouth. Hopefully, you will soon find gourders to work with. Alternatively, for now, consider joining up with the hogs, or some of them, the most southerly! I do know the name of one woodworker who has gourded, and I will check next weekend if he is still gourding. He usually enters at the Hamilton show.

Offering a beginner's gourd class is a great idea! Maybe you can get an article in the local paper too!

Keep the word out there, and before you know it you will have a new "patch" started!

:-) Barbara
CGS President
I'm more than willing to go to your area Wayne. Like Barbara says, it's all basically word of mouth.


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