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I lived in Visalia until just last August...my daughters and grandsons still live there.  I hope to attend...maybe as a vendor.


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Hi Lisa,
I will be teaching one class and taking a class at the Visalia event. Going with my friends Vickie Echols and Gail Golden.
That's great, Gloria! I haven't decided whether to try to register for classes but I have to decide today! I hope to see you there.
I'll be there for the Patch Leaders' meeting the two days before the event, and then taking classes with Pamela Redhawk for the two days of the event. Hope you see you there, Lisa.
I don't have any excuse not to be there, Darlene. It's very close to home. But I think we will show up as vendors although I would love to take a class. As it gets closer, we can talk more about meeting. I can also recommend restaurants, etc.
I'm hoping to find someone to share a room with, too. But I'll rent a motel room by myself if I have to. :-)
I hope you find a roomate, Darlene. If I still lived there, I would have you stay with me.
I expect to be there. :-)


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