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Does anyone have suggestions on the best fertilizer /food to use & when for growing your own gourds ?

thanx, tammy

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I like to use Miracle Grow when the vines first start running.  When they begin to set fruit, I've heard to use something high in Potash.  A 10-10-10 for tomatoes should do the trick.  But I'm not greatly knowledgeable about growing them.
hi   I  use  rabbit  and  chicken  manure,  and  that  help
Hi Tammy! I need to send you my handout on growing gourds. I have cultivated steer manure heAvily into the soil and i am waiting for the soil temp to reach 65 before putting my seedlings in the ground, They are sure ready but the soil at the root Zone is sill less than 50.

I have never added fertilizer at any point but this year I think I will add more manure to the ground when the vines just start to run.

It will be hardto know if the added Manure helps or just better weather. We had two wet, cold springs in a row which affected the growth and thickness in 2010 and 2011

Will get that handout off to you. It is a paper I am working on for UC Davis


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