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A few weeks back I joined the AGS and I've not heard a word from them, if I'm a member and if I will receive their magazine. Do they let you know and if they do when? thanks

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They should be sending you a membership card in the mail. Did you pay by check? Did they cash the check yet? If you have not recieved a membership card in the next couple of weeks get a hold of the membership secretary: 

I also joined and did receive my magazine etc. However, today I read the list of members on this page and I am not included. I tried to e-mail the recommended site and that did not work.  I did pay my dues and the check was cashed. I am simply not on the list of members. Mary Postal

Hi Mary.  This Ning website is not affiliated with the American Gourd Society.  If that were true there would be 1000's of AGS members listed.  If you want to be listed as a member of AGS on this site you need to join the group just as you would join the state society that you belong to.  Hope that helps.  If you have received your newest AGS magazine you are definitely a member.  Welcome!

I finally did get the magazine and membership card. The mag is great and worth the membership fee. I'll will subscribe next year too.

I have been a member for a few years; have never received a membership card but always receive the quarterly Gourd Magazine which is the best part in my opinion:)

Dave, I am a member of AGS, I had the same question about membership card, and e-mailed Dallas Lunsford.  He stated "We use the Address Label for a Membership Card that is printed on your copy of The Gourd Magazine". The label has expiration date printed at top of label.  I plan to cut label off and seal in self-seal laminating pouch. 


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