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We need your help in establishing the AGS Judging Program’s recordkeeping. Please send in your information now.

What kinds of records are needed?

Records to date are the names and contact information for the judge trainers and certified judges, but these records are not perfect. Contact information, telephone or eMail for example, may be out of date.

  • If you have been AGS-certified as a judge or master judge, please send your current contact information to Terry Noxel by eMail (noxelts@aol.com) or snail mail (100 Barton Road, Windsor, NY 13865). Please include your current mailing address, telephone number and eMail address (if you have one). Please print the information if you are sending this by US Mail to help ensure legibility.

Records that are needed are the rosters of judges who work each of the shows. Head judge, judges and clerk names will be collected for all shows effective immediately, and where possible we would like to identify the folks who worked the shows for the past 2 (or 3) years.

  • If you worked as a judge or clerk at any show(s) in the past 3 years please send the name of each show, including month and year, to Terry Noxel (see contact information above).
  • If you worked as a head judge at any show(s) in the past 3 years, please send me the names of all of the judges and clerks who worked with you at the show.
  • When you are assigned to be the Head Judge at a gourd show, you now have a new responsibility. Within 1 week of completion of a judging event we need you to send the names and roles (judge or clerk) of those individuals who worked the show with you. Please send me (noxelts@aol.com) this information in a simple eMail and include the name and date of the show.

What will these records do for the AGS Judging Program?

The lists will identify those individuals who are active judges (ie, judges 1 or more shows each year) and others who have not yet judged at a show since they were trained. The more often a person judges at an event, the more proficient they are. The list of active judges can be helpful to Show Chairpersons who want to recruit judges. Conversely, trained judges who are looking for opportunities to work a show can reach out to Show Chairpersons to inform him or her of their interest and availability.

Thank you!

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