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I would like to start applying some dimensional shapes to my gourds and have read some of the discussion on using polymer clays. I think I have the general idea but would like a source for viewing a video for this technique to get something like the attached image. Any suggestions? I did a general search on YouTube but didn't see anything. Also I would like to know how the attached shapes take gourd ink dyes?

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Hi, I use clay all the time on gourds. I love Fix It Sculpt. It has a longer work time than Apoxie Sculpt which is great also. I have used polymer on gourds but you have to remember it has to be baked to harden. I have baked gourd and all in a dedicated clay oven outside. Do not use your kitchen stove. The polymer lets off vapors that are not good and they coat the oven inside as you bake. I had no trouble baking the gourd with the attachments no burning or brittle gourd. I suppose you could apply your clay and than gently remove them bake and re-apply with a glue. The clay takes inks, paints, what ever coloring you want very nicely. You could also try paper clay. That stick to any wet surface. Good luck  

Hi Kathleen,  If there is a request for the Fix It Sculpt I can certainly order it to have on hand.  So far you are the first person that has said they use it and why.  

Hi Bonnie, I like Fix It because it has a much longer work time that Apoxie. I am glad to know if I need it I can let you know and get it from you.

Thanks for the info Kathleen. When you say clay oven that you used was it a kiln for pottery? Are there instructions with Fix It Sculpt on how long to bake? I know you can put gourds in an oven to change the natural coloring but have never tried it.  


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