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What should become of the monthly challenge and the future of GAE

Please add your comments and insights here!

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I do not shop on-line, therefore I do not use Amazon.  I'm very willing to contribute annually to the upkeep of this GAE site.  Can a way be found to ensure easy collection of donations or annual dues, so that Bonnie does not have to beg every time, adding to more aggravation. 

On another topic that causes Bonnie stress, the Challenge is an attempt to keep the site active and exciting.  Like several others that responded, I choose to create gourds at my own pace and my own topics of interest.  I do enjoy seeing the creativity of others, but probably will not rush to make things for the Challenge at GAE or AGS.

I think the fact that this Website is an amazing resource and an invaluable asset to many artists is a moot point.
The monetary part is an easy resolve.
However the personal hours and work that is required to maintain it , keep it updated, keep it current , new products/ input, keep people involved is a daunting time consuming task.
Not only does Bonnie have a business to maintain, a family to nurture, personal ambition and a 'private' life she has also developed and maintained an Internationaly recognized Artists Website.
Bonnie ...ya gotta be tired !!
We all have 'clocks' that are ticking.
It would be ideal if the AGS could take it and run with it as it has the ability to delegate more than one person to any given subject.
The AGS is progressive , supportive and a continually growing community and I believe more than one resource keeps it moving forward .....it takes a Village ! Hopefully with due consideration the AGS will step up.
Maybe I'm missing the point but those are my thoughts.
Thank you Bonnie for all that you have done, still do and will continue to do.

Bonnie Gibson sent us an e-mail today and I'm very grateful and happy, Bonnie, that you will extend the use of this site for 1 more year, through 2017.  II wish it would continue for decades, and although Bonnie G. wants us to direct donations to AGS, it is GAE that I value the most.   Thank you. 

The GAE forums have been extremely educational.  A big shout out to Bonnie Adams too, for all that she contributes to help the rest of us.  Thank you both!!


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