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What should become of the monthly challenge and the future of GAE

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Bonnie:  I do hope that this GAE website will be able to continue ...it was one of the reason I am still doing my Gourd Art. I do not do the challenges because I seem to have my on agenda as to what I feel like doing with at the time and the Gourd it's self just tells me what it needs. Call me strange, but I have a connection with my Gourds. I hope the Great Spirit sees fit to touch this site. Thank you so much for all your hard work, time, effort, and loving care for the Gourd Art.....DHF

I firmly believe this is an invaluable site for gourders all over the world!  There is so much great information contained here and it would be such a shame to lose that.  I've watched it grow from under 1,000 to almost 5,000 and that says to me that there's a need.  I would hate to see it shut down.  I accidently posted what I wanted to reply to this question in Kim Black's comment, but I would be willing to make a donation to keep it up and running and put a postit on my computer screen to use GAE when purchasing from Amazon. 

I understand that each of us has personnal needs and roads we must follow.  I have only been "gourding" for a couple of years, more so since I have retired.  I have used this site to gather information and learn from other peoples experiences.  I have also been inspired by other gourd artisits.  I would miss this site if it was gone, but I hope that the Arizona Gourd Newsletter continues.  I have really utilized the archieved messages, articles from both web sites. Goggle is fine for some information, but this site offers more direct answers.  I know that it is a big undertaking to keep this site up-to-date and appreciate all the people who make it happen.  Thanks.

While I don't use this as much as I used I find the forums helpful and still enjoy the pictures of people's work. I would also be will to make a donation to keep the site up until perhaps a home could be found for the information.

This GAE site has been valuable, it is like an art gallery showcasing wonderful creativity and talent.  I have gotten to know the work of artists like Phyllis Sickles, Carol Kroll, Judy Richie, Mark and Kathy Doolittle, Heather Kincaid, Hellen Martin, Jordan Straker, Kathe Stark, Randy Storm, Bill Decker, Dusti Lockey, and so many others.  The tutorials, the forums, the excellent photos, all are priceless in educating us to be better.  It breaks my heart to think that it will be shut down forever this July.  I understand that the cost of $250 per year is a burden, as well as administration.  Very understandable, but very regrettable.  I am grateful for the good years we enjoyed.  Thank you.

Bonnie:  I for one find this site incredibly valuable.  I check for new photos and forum posts daily.  I find inspiration and information that has greatly helped my art journey.   I will be devastated if this site is removed.  I thank you for all you have done for the gourd artist community and myself.

I just hate seeing the site dying! Every note brings it to light that it will be gone. I finally got to start doing some new gourd pieces which will be for our August Festival and haven't wanted to post the photos until after the show. I won't have the chance to share them.....bummer....and one of them still makes me laugh because it's so different:-) I'm already crying and the site is still up.

It definitely will be a sad day if this GAE website will have to be shut down.  And I agree with Denyse below, "Thank you so much for all your hard work, time, effort, and loving care for the Gourd Art."  I don't go into the site on a daily basis but when I do I am overwhelmed at all the beautiful gourd art.  I've been doing gourds now for about 15 years and it is absolutely astonishing at how the gourd art has evolved.  Absolutely beautiful and I truly believe one of the reasons is having a site like this to look at for inspiration.  It's been truly wonderful.  Thank you Bonnie!

I'm still kinda new to gourds and have found this site to be a tremendous help...I need to upload some pictures and will comment more if it means keeping the site open..thanks! Misty

I would be willing to mail Bonnie a check for $5-$10 dollars to help cover the website cost.  If she got 25-30 more pledges, we could guarantee the website would remain.  I think  it is a valuable tool and hope we can keep it going.

I am seeing other Gourders offering to help support the cost of the GAE site, you can count me in on this idea foe a monthy donation.

Sherry Benedict

I am seeing other Gourders offering to help support the cost of the GAE site, you can count me in on this idea for monthy donation.

Sherry Benedict


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