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What should become of the monthly challenge and the future of GAE

Please add your comments and insights here!

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I say switch to quarterly.  Luci Flynn

I am brand new here... found this sight when searching for gourd seeds... I hope to grow my first crop of birdhouse gourds starting this spring.. I am looking forward to using GAE many times as a resource.. so please keep it going... I think the pictures you publish on this site are awesome .. giving a good idea of the possibilities ... at the present all I can do to participate would be to send a pic of my "gourd gazebo"... have no idea what to expect but I plan on converting most of my garden to growing gourds along with my zuks and squash..  thanks..JK 

Whatever Bonnie Gibson and the majority of gourders want is fine with me.  Thanks for having and maintaining this site!  Marlene Tate

I really like this site and have gotten a lot of helpful information here. I am grateful to have this site. I think if you switch to quartly it would still be a great site.
Please Leave the monthly challenge at it is. It's up to the rest of us to participate

I'm new to the gourding community and get inspiration from this site. In my humble opinion I'd say to do what you have the time for. I'm grateful for all the information that you provide!

Quarterly sounds like best move. Thanks, Jim

Hi, I believe this site is an amazing tool for research, ideas and help not only for those of us that work with gourds but artists and crafts people who work in a variety of mediums.
My goodness... Wood burners, sanding stuff, acrylics, oils, coloured pencils, beeding, pine needles, date palm, deer antlers, tools, leather, gardening even and on and on ..... This amazing site covers it all.
The monthly challenge could easily change to quarterly, participants would have more time and the hard work that is put in by the organizing parties would be relieved somewhat. I'm not sure if most understand how much time etc it takes to put on a challenge of any kind. Everyone involved is so generous with their time and input.
Bonnie, I would be happy to donate to the continuation of this site.
A long winded way of saying ... Thank you.

We probably won't enter any of the challenges because we have too many other gourd projects to work on, so we don't have an opinion on their frequency, but as to the site, it is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration and showcase for all levels of talent, and it would be a shame to lose it.

I have been a member of Gourd Art Enthusiasts for a while--and have to apologize for being a bit delinquent in my participation.  I can really understand your frustration, Bonnie!  In organizations it always seems like everything is thanklessly done by very few!  I apologize and will sincerely try to participate more.  I love working with gourds--They give me tremendous pleasure--but the job part of my artistic life is dedicated to other things and I don't carve out enough time to do my gourd work!  I hope that you will continue the challenges and the website.  With the number of members in this group--there just has to be a way to get more participation.   Is there a way to take advantage of the exposure that Facebook gets and possibly have a page on that site to gain more exposure?  I belong to several groups on Facebook--and am amazed at the level of participation and sense of community that each of them seem to have!  Thank you so much!  lisa

Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people who don't like or use Facebook. There are already a ton of pages there for gourders - I myself started the American Gourd Society page, Gourd Art Sales, and Gourding Destash. Some do better than others.  

Bonnie - I do enjoy the site, however don't visit it as much as I could. Just don't think about it. But, every time I come back to it I think - I should visit this more often - it's a very informative site. If folks are only visiting it once in awhile and there isn't enough input coming in, relies to questions and such for example, then I think you should decide if the site warants keeping it going. I guess I'd look at how many replies you get to your question - I would think at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the folks who belong should answer if they are interested and use the site. It shouldn't have to be left up to you to worry about how to get people more interested in the site. You put it out there and that should be enough! Quarterly would be great for the GAE challenge.


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