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Have been chip-carving and doing cut-work on gourds and up until now everything has gone well.  I had a knife slip and nicked my left hand.  What is the recommended " safety glove " of choice?  Have tried to research and some run big, some stretch - I think I want a Kevlar base, "but" .......          I'm not looking for something "cute" - I'm in it for being SAFE(r) from now on.

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I don't have the answer to your question, but am anxious to see the replies that you receive. Have looked at several gloves and also the finger protectors.Like you I simply want the protection, nothing fancy.

Glenda, Bonnie Gibson gave me a website that I hadn't found in my searching.  They appear to be a very informal company (maybe can speak to a human) and will call to confirm an order.  I suppose to make sure that what you ordered is what one really wants - and to arrange billing.  I ordered a left  handed glove tonight and will see how roomy/snug they are.   12 pills daily to kill this unknown infection in my hand from a knife nick is a high price to pay for not having had gloves already.    I want to see what other chip-carvers and cut-work gourd artisans prefer for their safety.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Bonnie, Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help out - but that's what gourd

people are all about, isn't it?  Merry Christmas from Illinois on the river to you.


Good gracious that is a serious thing with your hand.  I am just beginning to attempt the carving on gourds and also cypress knees.Will most certainly order myself a glove before starting(am a musician-play accoustic mandolin) and certainly don't want any type of damage to my hands.Merry Christmas right back at you!!!


Great minds think alike - I play piano/organ and also use my hands to spin fiber(s) into yarns both on spinning wheel and the drop spindle.  So just now those things are on the "wait list".

  He called me this morning and was the MOST PLEASANT gentleman....no hurry, no fuss, no muss - my package was already in the mail.  If the gloves are as good as I believe they are going to be, then Mr. Don Butler will be my "new best friend".      BTW - loved your pelicans......here on the Illinois River we are on a " fly-way " for them.  They come by the hundreds and then they are gone.  /m


Ordered our gloves from the carving glove guy.  Such a nice fellow and so prompt with shipment of them.  Pleasure to do business with if you need things he has for sale.


I use a fishing glove, if I feel the need.  You REALLY have to have EVERYthing under control when you're using a knife.  I hardly ever use one on a gourd.  They don't feel 'knife friendly' to me.  Hard, slippery.


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