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What are the differences between different dyes and Alcohol dyes?

Hi!  I get some gourd artists saying the Alcohol inks are the best.  Then someone else will say the Pinata Ink dyes are the best then the Welburn Gourd farms alcohol Inks which are also the Memories Ink dyes.  I do have all the Gourdmaster Inks from Welburn.  Is there a difference between them and if so and what is it.  Stronger colors?  Some that fade?  Etc..  Just curious because when someone starts talking about how much they like a certain product and I don't have it I start thinking I should get some too. I teach classes and like to have the best products for my students and of course for myself.  Appreciate and answer before I go out and buy something else.  LOL

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I can answer what TransTint alcohol based dyes are.  This is a very fade resistant wood dye.  It's thinner than inks and works well for the technique where you want reaction to make the "dotted" or run designs.  It comes in a concentrate form and can be mixed with denatured alcohol or water.  But, the water mixture isn't as fade resistant.  This can, also, be used to color areas in a solid color.  It's transparent.air dries and doesn't need to be heated.

Hi Judy, and thanks.  Yes I've also heard of Trans tint dyes but I've never tried them.  Do you like them?  I just wish I knew the actual difference between alcohol ink dyes and ink dyes.  Maybe there's not really a difference.  Who knows.  Maybe one of the sites that sells them has a question and answer portion.  I'm just curious and that's better then buying them all just to find out.  

There is a difference.  First of all one is a dye and the other an ink.  The inks are thicker while the dye is thinner and is like the the leather dyes.  The dyes work better for me for my alcohol dye technique.  Since the inks are thicker it just doesn't react in the same way.  I have to thin the inks somewhat and some colors just don't work as well.  I've never used the inks for solid color.  The dyes work very good.  There are a lot of folks who love the inks. 

You gave me the answer!  Thank you very much.  I lean towards the inks as I like it thicker.  You've seen my work so you can tell why.  I still do think I'll get some dyes.  Which of all would you recommend?  The Trans Tint? Pinata? I don't like 'dead' colors.  What did you mean you've never used the inks for solid color?  \

Oh, one more question.  Important.  Welburns Ink Dyes!  Why Ink Dyes.  What's the difference there?  See why it's confusing?  That's what I have and had have for quite a while.

Thanks so much for answering my questions.  You've really helped.  Geri

TransTint is a wood dye.  Pinata is an ink.  Welburn's Translucent acrylics is not an ink and has to be heat dried and water based.  TransTint is the only dye I use.  Inks sometimes streak when used for a solid color area.  The dyes don't.  I, also, like Welburns Translucent acrylics.  They have good colors. 

Thank you again Judy.  I appreciate all the answers.  I'll look on Welburn for the Translucent acrylics.  Geez, I was dreaming about paints last nite.  I remember.  It must be all these question and answers about it.  LOL. 

I still really do like the Welburn Ink dyes.  Don't know why they call them an Ink Dye.  It should be either or.  No wonder the confusion.  Have a great Sunday. 

Alcohol inks vs water based inks are a personal preference. Alcohol inks dry quicker & are not as easy to blend. Water based inks can be blended & take longer to dry unless you heat set them.

Pinata Inks are alcohol inks manufactured by Jacquard, they are not dye inks (as people commonly refer to them as ink dyes)

Gourdmaster inks & "Memories Dye Ink" (manufacturer's name for them) are the same. They are water based & manufactured by Stuart Superior although there are other companies who make Ink dyes that are NOT the same as those commonly sold & used by gourd supply dealers.

Acrylic Pigment Inks, Palette Hybrids (manufacture's name for them) aka acrylic translucent are water based. They are thicker than alcohol & the traditional "dye ink". They are a hybrid & can be used on a variety of surfaces. It is a combination of pigment & dye.


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