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Does anybody have any recommendations for waterproofing the inside of a gourd and what product you would use.  Have some ideas with gourds to put a planter pot inside, but afraid of water/drainage issues. Thanks...........

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Several years ago I bought a Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic protective finish that I poured into a large gourd for watering my plants on our deck. I did 4 times to be sure I had it totally sealed and then painted the outside of it with a deer woodland scene. It still used and does not leak. Ask and read the clear finishes, buy a small can and experment first before you do a large. When using mine in the house I usually used a protective under it as sometimes they will sweat from changes of temperatures. In the past I sealed a quarter of wine barrel for a whale spouting water and it lasted for years until I sold the whale then turned into a planter by drilling water holes in bottom and lasted another 5 years before falling apart.
Apoxie paste is great for waterproofing. It's sort of like the sculpt, but in a batter like consistency. It can be spread on to waterproof gourd fountains and such. I don't stock it, but I can get if if anyone wants it.
Bonnie, does the paste go on smoother than the sculpt? I used the sculpt (all I had on hand) on the inside of a small gourd similar to Laggenarias recent pic of their planter but was not happy with the results. As hard as I tried, I couldn't get it really smooth and it ended up looking like cellulite. I did hand sand it as much as I could (limited working space) after it dried but still didn't like the looks too much. Should I have used the Apoxie paste for a smoother look and is there any particular tools I should be using to get a very smooth finish when applying the product? Thanks for any help you can give me.
Apoxy Paste is more spreadable than Apoxy Sculpt. It is a frosting-like consistency as opposed to the heavier/stiffer scuplt.
Hi: Checking back to let you know that the latest Miniwax is dribbling where the flower is at the base. I suggest you ask Bonnie Gibson about the apoxies. I am going to order some from her and try the paste.
In the Forum, on page 2 of Gourding Techniques and Tips, you'll find more disscussion on materials and products used for Waterproofing on the inside of gourds.
I used the solvent to thin my bronze apolxy to smooth one of mine and it did a real nice job, I also added red color came up with a beautiful by color and smoothed out really rough areas on relief horse I did to send to a friend and introduce her to apolxies. She had success with the few she made for her daugher.
Recently bought the apoxy paste used it on a very thin gourd that I woodburned on and some of the burn went threw the design. Mixed the sovent paste then spread as much as possible with stiffer old metal handled paint brush that has bend in it to reach the hard to reach places, to smooth out added some of the recommended solvent and let dry for 24 hours. The gourd has held water over 24 hours without any leaks. Its not quite smooth as with water proof paints but is reliable against water leaks at this time.

Hi Joyce, I was thinking of doing an experiment with coloring my apoxie paste/sculpt but then read you tried some sort of coloring. How did you do it? With dye or paint? I tried acrylic paint but it didn't set up real well. Perhaps too much paint to sculpt ratio . . . 

Thanks for any pointers! 


It is rally messy and not cheap, I use KOOL SEAL a roofing product, then paint it.  It is light blue almost ice color

There's a new product on the market, sold only on TV so far, but shouldn't be long before it's in Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS Pharmacies, Walgreens and other stores that sell the TV products. It's called Flex Steel I believe and is in a spray can. Because it slightly foams when coming out of the spray can, I suspect it's a one-time use product, like great stuff foam sealant. It runs $10 a can plus shipping so it's expensive. But it looks like you could use it to make several gourds at a time, waterproofed on the inside. It"s another watertight rubberized sealer but looks like the spray can would be handy and make the job a lot cleaner if you mask your gourds.

I just waterproofed a couple of wall vases by pouring in a can of the product used for dipping screwdriver handles so you don't get electrocuted when cutting wire that may be hot. It's a pourable rubber coating medium. Pour it in, wait a few minutes and pour it back into the original container. One can was enough for three wall vases. Available at Harbor Freight. Use in a well ventilated area.

I got a can of foam sealer (works like the one on TV) from my True Value Hardware store( believe they are a nationwide chain for most town hardware stores) I used it on birdbath cracks and it worked. Didn't even think of using it on my gourds but will.


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