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Does anybody have any recommendations for waterproofing the inside of a gourd and what product you would use.  Have some ideas with gourds to put a planter pot inside, but afraid of water/drainage issues. Thanks...........

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Oops! 2011 was awhile ago! Flex Seal is the name....not Flex Steel. It's in all those stores that sell "As Seen on TV" now. And it comes in three colors, Black, Silver and clear now, also. This is by far my favorite product for waterproofing a gourd....not Food Safe, but Waterproof.

A few coats of brush on sealer and a liner of some kind,,,plastic ones are easily available at most places that sell house plants,,,or set an old cool whip or margerine container inside the sealed gourd that will fit the flower pot and catch any accidental overwatering. I have gourds I have used as "pot covers" for years and none have had any issues, the designs are the same as day they were done.

Thanks for this discussion.  My husband has a couple of cans of Flex Seal (a flexible rubber spray-on sealant) that I'm going to try inside a gourd.  I've already tried glass beads and Modge-Podge (for weight).  bp

Let us know how this works out, Barbara! I've been watching the Flex Seal commercials and waiting for it to show up in the Bed, Bath & Beyond "As Seen on TV" department to try it out myself.

Bonnie, I just saw this at Orschein, Farm and Home store,  (but haven't tried it yet.) It's out there now. 

Found it! Walmart has it too.

We have had this discussion.  I use Kool Seal, it works great adds weight.  I actually use it on all thin gourds for stabilization.  It is for roofs, so it is waterproof.

I tried the Apoxie paste and it completely waterproofed my gourd planter. It is very sticky to work with, but I find that if I let it set for about 20-30 min after smearing it over the gourd I can come back to it and smooth it out with the Apoxie solvent.

I do this with the Apoxie sculpt too. I combine the two parts, let it set for 20 min and then come back to it and it's a lot less sticky - I can actually sculpt with it. I also heard people coating their hands with goggle defogger, dry-erase marker cleaner, olive oil, or petroleum jelly to keep the sculpt/paste from sticking to their fingers. I use the defogger personally, works well for keeping the stickiness down as well as an alternative to the Apoxie solvent for smoothing everything out.    

Apoxie Sculpt is only one product  made by Avees studio in Wisc. They also make a product with similar properties ( water proof) called Fix-It. Its more pliable and used more for repairs, easy to use to water proof. I teach AS classes, cocoa butter handcream works well on your hands. I rarely wet my AS. If you learn to work with in the time frame it sets up in you really need very little water or solvent. The solvent is more for cleaning tools, its hard on the hands. Getting the AS to wet also makes it stickier. Some of the colors are stickier than others. Knead it and let it rest 5-10 and the stickiness will be less. As for planters all it takes is one small pin hole that doesn't get sealed to create a spot for your outside design to be ruined. Using some sort of additional liner is always a good thing.

Bed Bath & Beyond has this on sale now.  (Husband bought some)  bp

Flex Seal is also at Lowes. I also agree with Kim Bilek's comment that the use of a plastic liner in addition to a sealant in the gourd is a good practice to protect the art work and the furniture.

Hi - I just started using flex seal spray for the interior of gourd vases - love it!  Any thoughts on whether or not I can get away with just one coat?  It looks best thin & the cost will add up if I continue to use 2 coats per gourd as I have been.  Still, I sure do want it to be waterproof!

Am interested in your experience with # of coats and also any thoughts on how to truly test one coat efficiently, since the gourd has some natural waterproof tendencies to begin with and therefore won't show leaking immediately even with inadequate flex seal coverage.


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