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I have been all over the internet and this site reading about all the dyes. I am wanting to use the Pysanky for resist on gourds. Has anyone used it with acrylic washes rather than dyes? How would one remove the wax? Would the heat peel the acrylic off? Thanks for any input...

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I don't think the two are a good match.  Yes, the heat would bubble or peel the acrylic.  You need something like a dye or stain instead.  The wax can be removed afterwards by either placing in a warm oven and wiping off the softened wax or hitting it with a heat gun a bit at a time.

Bonnie, thank your for your reply. That is what I suspected might happen. What would you recommend for a dye or stain? Are you thinking a wood stain? There is so many products out there and so many opinions, I haven't a clue. Thanks again Happy New Year!

Welburn sells 'transparent acrylics' that NEED to be heat set. Pretty sure these would hold up to the heat required to remove wax, as you have to have one of those heat tools to set them. You might want to get a bottle of whatever color and experiment a little with those.

I tried the Pysanky dyes and the gourds didn't take them well at all.

Thank you both for your reply's. Vickie that was something I was wondering about, thanks saved me the time and money buying them.  I have been playing with a couple of others types of dyes so we will see....


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