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Ning has recently announced that their fees will be jumping quite a bit higher. A site our size will cost $49 a MONTH. Right now, I am absorbing the cost of the site as a service to the gourd community. We do get a small amount of revenue from google ads and from book purchases.

  • We can do a few things - cut our membership, eliminating those who never sign in and never post (I don't want to do that), ask for donations, or ask for more support through purchases from our Amazon links.

Please post your feedback here.

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Anything you decide on is fine with me.  Just let me know and I will pay my share.  This site is way to important to too many people to let go.  Thanks for all you and your support people do for us all. 

Although I would be willing to pay an annual fee or make a donation, I send a lot of people to this site that are beginners looking for information.  It's always been my go to site for people asking me about gourd crafting at my shows.  It would be a shame if we made the access to the site only for those who can afford to look at it. It would be nice if we could balance access for newcomers and fees.

I agree with Patricia Vanderhoof and I also like the idea of a donation button. Also to re-register every year.

I have seen other ning sites that charge members 5$ per year.  (Not gourds).   If you really needed the revenue then I guess that's an option. That should help 5$ x several people.

 I am a brand new newbie to this site, but already do NOT want to see it gone!!! Whatever works best for you (or the site) works for me, whether it's donation, annual fee......whatever I'm all for it.

I belong to an art site, and they have a small box on the right of the screen asking to "click" to donate.  Amounts as small as $1.00 can be donated.  

I like the donation button.


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