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I love the look of the drape fabrics but the Paverpol is pretty expensive. Can I use the Stiffy fabric hardner and get good results? or bite the bullet and get some Paverpol. Thanks for the input


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I finally got around to testing several fabric stiffeners, Stiffy, Paverpol and Fa-Brick.

Stiffy is very “liquidy” and soaked into the gourd quickly rather than coating it.  The fabric took a long time to dry and never really hardened, still was flexible.

Paverpol is very thick and messy but adheres well to any surface. It works well with colored fabrics and does not change the colors, just enhances them a bit and gives it a slight sheen.  If the fabric is oversaturated areas can become milky looking when dry. Drying time varies depending on humidity temperature and thickness of fabric layers. After being dry I found if placed my sculpture near a heat source the treated fabric became flexible, but once cooled “bounced” back to its original shape.

Fa-Brick is very similar to Paverpol.  Its consistency is a tad bit thicker than Paverpol and you have to work it into the fabric well to get an even coverage, but it dries the same and reacts the same to heat as Paverpol.

I like both Paverpol and Fa-Brick, so for me it is cost and how quickly I can get the product so I can get to work, LOL. 

My husband and I have tried various experiments to see if we could make a similar product but cheaper, haven’t found a  combination of products that work yet:(

It does dissolve if you soak it in water way after it has  dried.  I've removed leather and cloth quite easily after a year by just spraying water on it.  So, keep that in mind.  I've used several kinds of fabric stiffner and get the same results.  I use the fabric/leather as capes on figures.  So, now, to make it more permanent, I brush a matte  finish over the dried fabric or leather give more protection.

Fa-Brick quote:

After your sculpture has dried, you will have a water resistant work of art that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. For outdoor use where direct rain contact or high humidity is likely, it is recommended your sculpture be sealed with a permanent waterproof varnish. Amazing Fa-brick is a water based polymer is easy to clean up with water.

I used this product on the Buddha and would love to use it as a yard ornament. If anyone has used this outdoors, I'd love to know how successful they were.



I believe Judy was speaking of the Stiffy product.  I have brushes I have used that have a thick layer of Paverpool that has dried on them rock hard.  I have left them in jars of water for several days--that Paverpool isn't budging. I believe that Fa-brick, Paverpol and Powertex (?) are all basically similar and can be used for outdoor sculptures.  I'm placing my Gourd Goddess in a shaded area in my flower garden as a test this year.  I don't think they would like to be in direct sunlight (heat). I would love work on some large scale garden sculptures but this stuff is not cheep.

I used Paverpol and, also, Aileen's fabric stiffner.  I also used one more, but can't think of the name of it.  It was widely discussed on here.  Never used Fa-brick.



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