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I like to string beads when using artificial sinew for my pine needle coiling, but can't seem to find beads with large enough holes anymore.  Everything at Michaels, Joanne's, etc. is sized for filament, but not for cord, etc.  I went to a bead sale and was told beads with larger holes are no longer being manufactured.  Does anyone know of a source for small beads with larger holes?  Also, does anyone know, if ordering online, how do you tell what size the hole is?  Thanks!

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Look for beads with holes that are 2 to 3 millimeter.  Fire mountain gems has them.  They are out there, you just have to search.  I've searched on google and gotten results, too.  A lot of
African beads have the larger holes.  I love the trade beads. 

Thank you, Judy!  I love using natural beads in my work. I have used a few small holed beads using fishing line.  Do you know if the filament craft jewelers use is different/better than fishing line?

The jewelry wire/thread comes in different thicknesses and colors.  It's all very strong.  I've never used fishing line.

The fishing line is pretty stiff and tangles easily. I will try the jewelry thread next time!  Thank you for all your help.


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