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Does anyone have any ideas for the soundholes on my gourd banjos. I have burned some things around the hole I have inlaid turquiose beads. Keep in mind these are mountain type instruments so it needs to be rustic. The holes are usually 2-2 1/2" in diameter. Oh I did take suede sewn on with that waxy thread, nobody liked that although I did.

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I think a simple, rustic woodburned design would be an appropriate embellishment. There are many geometric patterns that you could choose from...lines, dots, hash marks etc.

You could do 2-4 smaller holes and use sliced walnut shells they look great and some are fairly large.

Braided leather around the sound holes could work, with fringed end?  Pine needles, branches and pine cone borders burned around sound holes? Tooled leather look? Rope designs? Leaf borders? Mountain flowers border?


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