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 At a recent festival there was a discussion on gourds.  The speaker stated to make gourds stronger or harder to soak them in a copper sulphate solution.  There was  no mention of strength of solution or any other instructions. Anyone tried this????


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Oz can you please at least leave a link to where you moved this discussion! This makes the 4 time I have found something MOVED and no LINK or saying Where it was Moved too . Please help I am New to this Group and am extremely interested in all the info I can get on the HOW TO of Gourd Art

Hi Denyse,  It's a real problem when people don't pay attention to where they are originally posting their discussions.  We don't have time to notify everyone each time we have to move something. It's just 3 volunteers trying to keep the site going - we spend a lot of time removing excess photos, moving discussions from the wrong category, etc. 

People seem to place everything in "Using this Website Questions" and it takes us time just to move them to the proper area.  In the future, check the forum page for the appropriate topic for the discussion you are searching for - if  it's a question on tools, that's where it will end up - if it's on dyes, it will end up in paints and finishes. 

Thank you for the info Bonnie. I was not trying to step on anyone's toes. I was just reading all the different things and to be for sure I am not sure just what topic I was reading in. I will do some more reading and see if I can come up with things on my owe.


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