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I have acquired some cactus pad and would like to know how to prepare them for use on a gourd. Anyone know the technique? Or where I might learn about the methods involved?


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I have cactus fiber I have spent two days cleaning and now I need to know which fibers are best for inlaying on the gourd. Some fibers are delicate and almost like fine lace and others are a heavy texture and stiff. I know they must be wet to be pliable but will the heavy textured ones stick? I am hoping I can use both!

I've used both, Betty.  If you soak with boiling water, the stiff will lay "flat".  You can, also, separate the layers on most of the very thick ones and it may work better, plus it will give you more fiber to work with.

Thanks Judy, I think I have the layers separated. I will try the boiling water to make the stiff ones pliable.

After reading all the comments I have to say that I'm glad that I took the easy way out and bought mine already dried from someone on Etsy.  They came all the way from Turkey of all places.  Not an easy product to work with in my opinion but oh so worth the end result.  So far I've only made one but it turned out beautifully.


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