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Hello Everyone, I understand many of you are new to the exciting world of the computer and using this site. Before posting a question, I implore you to take the time to go through all of the Forum tabs and extra forum pages. More than likely you’re question has already been asked a few different ways and answered a few different ways. It gets a little redundant and wastes time to answer a question that has already been answered because you didn't take the time to look around in the forum first. Also, please try to post your questions in the correct discussion. You will get an answer a lot faster if the question is in the correct category. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy helping everyone as long as you try to help yourself first and come up with new questions.


Thank You

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I think that it would be helpful for everyone if there was an introduction page when you first join. Some of us really need basic info on sources, site etiquette, the difference between chatting, forums, discussions, etc. I am still confused about the ins and outs of comments, messages, blog posts, etc. A step by step instruction manual would be wonderful. Even a glossary of terms would be great. A really stupid question is the one that never gets asked, but not knowing what to ask is frustrating.

FYI: I have no children (& obviously no grandchildren) so am without a readily available geek. I try to figure things out for myself, but most of the info on line is in geek speak and references thing that I am totally unfamiliar with. Once you get something you see how easy it is, it's the getting to that point that is difficult.

I know this sounds like complaining, but I really want to explain how a newcomer feels. I have heard the same comments from others in this position.

I love the site. The more I use it the more I love it. I'm sure everyone appreciates the work you do, I certainly do. As a teacher I understand your frustration too. It is definitely easier to ask then to do the research.

Thanks for your time, Pat
Patricia, we already looked into adding a introduction page when people sign up but the NING site does not allow that to happen. That's why we created the "Using this Website" tab in the forums and put it at the top. I understand newbies can get frustrated with all things computer as many of my own friends drive me insane coming up with new ways to keep asking me the same questions.

Here are a couple of websites that will help you with the "Geek Speak", both of these websites have a search for word or just click on any letter in the alphabet at the top of the page to go to that part of the geek dictionary.



I am sure you have heard this before "there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers" so ask away. You will know when I am tired of doing this when I start answering questions with stupid answers. Until that happens, happy surfing.

Site Admin
I am going to add my two cents here as well, also being one who helps "police" the site.

In posting questions and comments in the forums, please try and stay on topic. I know some times you may feel the need to share something that is not exactly on topic, however, please add that as a comment to the wall (My Page) of the person you wish to share that with, on your own wall ( My Page) or in live chat, rather than get a new non-related thread going within a specific topic in forum. ( You were kind enough to let us all know rabies are running rampant, how to get bees out of the attic, and we are truly sorry your dog died, however it doesn't belong in a thread in forum. ) There's a place for everything here gourd related, all you need do is locate it. If you need help in doing so as OZ has said, just ask, nobody bites.(Honest we have all had our shots.) Thats what we are here for.

Also its nice that every one is polite and thankful for info within the forums, its grown into a wonderful wealth of gourd info but, some of the threads grow increasingly long with all the "thank-yous" and "I thought so's." This makes it annoyingly time consuming to read through when you are trying to follow a discussion about a certain topic.
We try to clean things up, shorten and get items where they need to go but, the members can help with that themselves by considering if what they are leaving as a comment, is adding to the discussion or needs to be left as a comment on some ones My Page.

We are NOT by any means trying to discourage anyone from posting, but, please be kind to your administrators who give of their time to try and keep things tidy and organized so the site runs smoothly and none of your fellow members wish to read through dozens of non-topic responses and comments either. Happy gourding-KB

Oz -


I'm not new to the world of computing or using Ning sites, for that matter.


I appreciate the "look first" sentiment, but what I've encountered on this site is that the search is incredibly unreliable. On several occasions I've entered search terms to find something I've previously read, and get "0" in return.


Submitted Respectfully,




Your not alone. I don't think the NING sites create a searchable database that actually works. I have tried searching for things I have posted with no results. I have sent a few emails to the NING people about this with no help.



hm, maybe I asked this in the wrong place.  the past few days,  I can recieve private messages , but after writing a reply, I can't send. the reply button "moves" when clicked on, but my message just sits there.   Hitting reply anywhere else works for me, just not in my private messages.........HELP!!!

got to help me a bit more, where are you using private message?
oh duh......my inbox

Ok I am not seeing anything that says private message in my inbox. are you composing a new message? see red text in the picture below?

no, when someone writes me there is a reply button above the message body.  I hit that and get a fresh page to reply ( a message box like the one above) . When I am done and ready to send, I click on the send button. Yes that is the button that is not working......the 'send' button your arrow points to. Come to think of it, that button does not work whether I hit reply to a message sent to me, or if I check the box for the person I am sending  a message to.

At any rate my message is always going to at least one person.

well that is odd. the only thing I can suggest is to make sure your pc has all the latest updates for you operating system, internet browser and any java and flash updates.


It's hard to diagnose everyones pc, because everyone has different set ups.


oh how I understand. I just updated my browser and flash........all can be interesting with 64 bit windows 7........need to check on java though.

My broadband provider is qwest and they totally changed the email page etc etc. So finding the problem could prove fun......NOT!  but laptop still under warranty so if I screw up too bad at least I have a back up........LOL

thanks. I thought it may have been a ning issue. that would have been so much easier...........LOL

thank you for all your time, OZ. I really appreciate it :-)


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