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Has anyone done anything with photos on gourds?  My life long hobby has been photography so I have many photo possibilities that could possibly be added to a gourd.  I ran one through a picSketch app that turned it into a line drawing thinking I would burn it, but there's way too much detail.  Then I thought about decopage by printing the photos in color on copy paper and that might work. Also thought about inlaying a photo somehow, but not quite sure if that would work.  Any feedback would be very much appreciated.  



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I have done decoupage before on gourds with no problems, yet I did not use printed photos. I would think that it would be fine as long as the ink doesn't run when it gets wet. Do a small printout and check would be my advice. HAVE FUN!

Recently I came across a way to transfer photos to non porus surfaces.  You print your photo in reverse and apply some sort of product and it transfers the photo to your surface.  I cant remember the name of the product but I'm sure you can google how to.  Also you can use a ink jet printer to make a rub on.  Just some thoughts.  Good luck.

Bonnie and Sammy... thanks for the suggestions.  Both are good and I'll try them.  I trace over them sometimes with pyro paper and then burn the image.  I think to do the decoupage thing I'ld first have to copy them--could be interesting.  I'll have to research the image transfer idea, but also could copy or print on regular paper the photo and then use graphite paper to transfer the image.  Thank again for your suggestions.  

I have done the transfer method, you use gel medium. The picture needs to be a reverse image and printed with a laser printer, not an ink jet. There are great videos in You Tube if you search "transfer picture onto wood". I used this method to make some family photo puzzle blocks this past Christmas. I realized it would be a great way to embellish a gourd. It is a bit translucent so you will see the natural gourd coloring behind and it left the pictures a little dark and flat. I went back with paint afterwards to brighten them up. I have experimented using it for a complicated line drawing, but you cant do anything but paint over it or the gel medium gets weird.


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