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Is there a method of determining where to place a pattern evenly around a gourd... I always seem to be a bit over or ubder even placement. Thank you

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Hi, I learned a few years back from Maria Delos I hope I spelled her last name correct. She demonstrated if you quarter the gourd with tape. Starting from the bottom up to the stem and then from the stem down to the bottom. Repeat the first two steps and you should have 4 section. Now you can draw a line around the gourd where your pattern will begin. I hope this helps.
Thank you for the helpful suggestion.

Unfortunately it involves math. Once you have the vertical placement determined you need to measure the circumference of the gourd at that level/height on the gourd. 

Next measure the width of the pattern, and multiply it by the number of times you want that pattern to appear around the gourd.For example the pattern is 4". I want the pattern 5 times around = 20"  The circumference of the gourd is 25",

The difference between that total measurement and the circumference is the width of the space between patterns. Divide that number (in my example 25" minus 20" = 5") by the same number of times your pattern will appear (5) so the space is 1" between each pattern. 

You can mark each of the sections on a piece of string or masking tape that you then put on the gourd and transfer the marks to the gourd.

Thank you I will try this method.
This will really help....I always struggle with this.


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