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Hello To All, I see all the little dots that are on the gourds and when I try to do them I get a funny looking top as I pull away with the paint. I want them to be flat not pointed. How do you do your dots so they stay flat? I tried the paint in the little bottles with a tip on it and I have used my brush tip dipped in paint. The brush tip makes flat dots but not always uniform the paint bottle makes that funny tip a I finish it. Thanks

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Hey K, I use the Deco Color pens you can get at most craft stores. They come in many colors and tip sizes. Ensure you shake them very well and paint a few on a paper towel prior to your art as they sometimes drip. Also try not to press on the tip when you have it on your art work as it may drip toooo much. I would recommend experimenting on a practice gourd PRIOR to using on a art piece. Trust me on this tip. I absolutely love these as I do many dots on my artwork. (I have used these exclusively for many years for dots)

Thanks Arturo, I will look for the pens at Hobby Lob. I don't like the little mound from the paint bottles this should do just fine.

Try dipping the wooden end of the paint brush in the paint. It makes a perfect dot. You can also make perfect little commas or comet tails with them.

I use the end of my paint brush to create that consistent dot, and it's pretty flat.  If I want a raised "flat" dot I will go over it again and again after it is dry to get the desired look.  Best of luck!  



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