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Awk!  My Micro-pro carver just stopped working. I had just turned it on, lowered the speed and  it stopped dead. I cannot get it to work. Any suggestions?  It's past it's warranty, about 3 years old, not overly used, but used well never the less. Should I attempt a small tool repair place (local), try to send it back to Mastercarver for repairs, open it up myself?  I really miss it. 

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Mine stopped just after a year. But it was the handpiece, not the unit. I bought a new RAM handpiece for it and it was fine. The RAM handpiece was identical to the original handpiece and cord.

Thank you, Bonnie. I'll try that. Suggestions on the best place to buy one? 

Best to try one first, as they are pricey. I got my new handpiece at my local favorite, The Woodraft Shop, Bettendorf, IA. They had catalogs to go through and were knowledgeable about many carving systems. If yours is the handpiece, you should be able to determine it by trying to spin the shaft. Mine was totally frozen up and could not spin. Repair parts may be available, too, and could be cheaper.

I think the closest Woodcraft store is about 2 hrs away, but probably worth the drive. Thank you, Bonnie. 

It's easiest if you know someone else that has a similar tool.  If the handpiece plugs are the same, you can test by trying the handpiece in a known good unit. Then try their handpiece in your box.  It could be the box and not the handpiece.  This would allow you to determine which is bad.    

The boxes and handpiece can both be serviced or replaced.  If you overload the tool a lot, (where the tool shuts itself off as an overload) then the circuitry in the box can go bad over time.  The boxes are cheaper to repair/replace than the handpieces.  I would send it back to Mastercarver.  If it is the box, they can send you a new circuit board assembly and it's easy to install.  If the handpiece is bad, then it will need to be rebuilt by someone who knows what they are doing.

Thank you, Bonnie G. I do have someone in our KS group that has one. I'll try that before sending mine in. Guess I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is the box :) . If it's the hand piece, I'll send it in to Mastercarver. I really like this little machine. I think I only over loaded it once, last year sometime. It scared me enough I've been very careful about that.  

My paperwork that came with it talks about replacing the motor brushes. I have two extra that came with it. Would the motor brushes cause the unit to not run? Maybe I should replace those and check to see if that fixes the problem. 

Just to give you the "rest of the story". A super guy in our gourd group is an electrical engineer. He offered to look at it. Turned out to be a $4.00 fuse.  Thanks, Doug. 

Hooray!  We all need a tech guy.  


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