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Does anyone have a photo tutorial on how to make a gourd purse ?




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I have been making purses now for about 5 years,I would be glad to help you. Although I do not have a written tutorial,I can certainly help you.

Hi Michele.  I have just completed my second purse but need some help on how I can attach the top to the bottom.  I have put a great deal of time into them but am not pleased with the hinge.  Do you have any ideas on what would look professional.  These will be high end pieces when completed.  Lots of carving....Any help from you wold be most apprreciated.  Thanks.


Peter Quinn (Email me @craftypatts@cox.net)

Peter, I use heavy leather (the kind they make belts from.  They will give with the gourd curvature better than metal hinges.  If you attach them with a combination of glue and chicago screws, they look very professional.



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