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well, I don't know where that thread went where I was asking if anyone knew what these jars of beautiful powder were, but after finding it's enameling powder...........I just wonder if something like that could be added to cllear inlace..........like the nuggets, chips and powders added to inlace.

It IS glass( the awesome colored powders) that when used for enameling must be fired........

crushed glass has been added to inlace...........what do you guys think?

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hehehehe,  great minds...........

boy, I've been looking at the high powered air driven carvers...........oh how I wish I could afford one. I really wanted to do some fret work on this egg for my DIL....guess I'm going to have to rethink this .

I can't even afford to look at them!I sure would love to have one. I thought I was going to win that $355 million and I would have bought us both one! ;o)

I have done fret work on an egg gourd for a Christmas ornament. It was touch and go but I got it done and still have it. After it was finished, I used white gesso on the inside and outside to give it a snow look and make it stronger.  I don't have the patience to do fret work on a real egg. Wow, you must have steady hands and nerves.

I've done a lot of fret work on gourds even ones that thin spots suddely appeared on.....ugh......but I get em done.

It's an Ostrich egg that my daughter in law asked me to do something with. It was given to her by someone dear to her and she hoped I could make it pretty........well, I don't just want to paint on it or just exterior stuff. I was hoping to do some dynamite carving on it.......but then I found out some things. I knew I would need carbide bits because they are so hard, but a high speed carver ( and I mean high speed....they are 10 times more RPMs) than foredomes and such......and I want one.........waaaaaaaa.  I'm still not through researching to carve this ostrich egg. I know there has to be a way ......I mean werent' they carved before these high speed carvers came on the scene...I don't know but seems like they would have been.

I've done a bit of work on emu eggs.........actually some pieces just to get the feel and bit need.......but I have eggs just waiting for me to work on. Emu are wonderful with their dark, then lighter then white layers in the shell. I've seen some outstand work done with them, even portrait type work............just amazing. I still have pieces too that I plan to carve and inlay in a gourd. that's the cool thing about gourds,though. they are not as fragile as eggs, more like soft wood and yet easier and light as they can be. my sister has been into ceramics. She has done some outstanding restoration work on statues from the 1400's..... she can make any mold a person could want so she is a sculpter too ( essentially) and makes all kinds of ceramics. let me tell you those master molds and all of it is HEAVY. she keeps trying to get me to leave my gourds and come over to the ceramic side........no way. I handed her a gourd and said.....NOW can you see WHY I'm glad I chose what I did? we had just gotten through moving her into a diff house and all that  ceramics stuff is back breaking......no thanks.

well now that I've replied with a mini novel............LOL

I would imagine that, at some time, a Xacto knife might have been used on the eggs. I have used one on some really brittle ornament gourds. But, keep thinking about that high speed carver and someday it will appear.

I enjoyed your mini novel. Your family must be loaded with talent.

One of the tricky parts of carving the ostrich is that it's so slick on the outside and harder than the emu. If you flick your finger against it, it rings like china, so that tells a lot about how dense they are. You *can* use a dremel, but it will take much longer and you can't always get the same detail. There is a yahoo group call eggart my mom used to be on that had lots of help. There are probably many more groups on there now, so you might want to check it out.
I will check that out.......thanks a bunch!


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