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I'm trying an experiment. I have 7 big gourds growing and want all the resources of the plants to go into those few gourds. Today I cut all the vines and leaves that were not connected to those gourds. Was that a mistake? Will all the water and nutrients go into the remaining gourds?

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It's been 4 days and they still look good. Maybe it was ok to remove the extra leaves and vines. Now to see if they just mature and our first freeze holds off long enough. 

Rhonda, I don't understand why you would want to cut the leaves and vines.  The leaves make energy for the plant to grow.  You can cut the growing tips once the gourd is set to divert energy to the fruit.  And growing only one gourd per plant would give you bigger gourds.  Looks like your gourds are quite nice.  What is that ground covering.  I grow giant gourds and always look for new ideas for weed control.  You can email me if you want to talk growing gourds.

And why the panty hose around the gourd?  Never heard of that. 

Sammy,  The black covering is just a Preen weed block cloth. It's helps tremendously to keep the weeds down, but lets the water through. Best thing I ever used.  I put the panty hose on when the gourds are small. It keeps the bug scars to a minimum. Of course the big ones will "pop" the hose if they get too big. :)  

I did cut all the growing tips or runners off, but did not cut any leaves from the main stems leading to the gourds. They have all continued to grow and produce more leaves and runners and even a few small gourds that I plucked off too - it's too late for them to mature in my area anyway. Now I just need to wait and hope we don't get an early freeze before the vines begin to die and the gourds to "cure" and "mature".  I'm very happy with the few I have. Quality, not quantity is what I'm thinking this year. 

Thanksk Rhonda, Ive used weed block before but the grass always grew under it.  Perhaps I need to check out the Preen weed block cloth.  Im glad your gourds are doing good.  Cutting off the growing tips is a good thing to do, but remember you need some leaves for photosynthesis to take place.  Did you happen to write down the dates of when your gourds where pollinated?  That would give you a time frame has to when they will mature.  Im growing giant bushel gourds and giant pear gourds and a few apple gourds this year.  Also a weird gourd that was suppose to be a giant bushel gourd but looks like a giant penquin gourd.  Oh well, love to grow.  I grow for competition and there is a point where you want to grow fruit and not salad.  Meaning, cutting back a green growth and let the fruit grow big. I would have let the vines have the leaves and such, but cut back the growing tips and that can be a big job.  Ok good luck.  Thanks for the reply.


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