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I have found an amazing way to hold my gourds while working on them

I was recently at a Gourd Festival in Moses Lake, Wa and ran across a tool I'll never be without.  It's called the Orbital Holding System by Grip-All Jaws and not only will it hold any shape gourd I put in it, but it rotates in all different directions allowing me to work on my piece from all angles.  I like it because it holds my work securely and leaves both my hands free to create.  I really love it and thought you'all might find it as helpful as I have. 

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I'm in the same boat that you are Sandy, can't afford it-at least not right now.  Staying open to one in the future.  It seems like the perfect thing, doesn't it?  OZ looks great working here.  Such a talented guy!


I am a stone carver and I use sand bags. Cut the legs off of a pair of old jeans and sew one end then fill with sand or cat litter, sew up the other end. Make several and in diffrent sizes( use old socks too). Wont damage the gourd and works great. I am just starting to carve gourds, wow have I been missing out! Love this site!

I just received this device and I'm having problems attaching the double-acting vice head to the base. In the third picture down there appears to be a hole to invert the metal pin but on mine there is just a slot. And when I take the tention off the slot doesn't open. Any suggestions? 

Just figured it out and feeling rather foolish how simple it was LOL. Amazing how you can go from feeling frustrated one minute to foolish the next.

I've been testing one of these out this month. Look for a review in my monthly newsletter, which will come out tomorrow (Monday, Sept 27th) If you aren't already on the newsletter list you can sign up on the home page of Arizona Gourds www.ArizonaGourds.com
I saw a video at their site, that included Myrna cleaning out a gourd and burning it using the grip all................looks great to me!!!!
where do you find this tool at? is there a website?

I got mine at the Moses Lake gourd festival too! I LOVE it! Anyone thinking of getting one: It's a real good helper!!

My sister bought one at Moses Lake 2 yrs ago. She doesn't know how she ever got along with out it. Don't know what they are selling for now but I thought it was to spendy for me at the time.


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