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I tried a few things, but nothing worked. Any help would be appreciated.

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Click the badge button at the bottom of this page, select which size you want. This will generate some html code in the small box below that says embed code. Copy that html code and paste it into your webpage editor, (Note: this code has to be pasted where the html code is generated in your webpage editor, if you just paste it on the top of the page it will show up just like you pasted it). then update your webpage. It should look like whats at the side of my webpage when pasted in the correct area http://www.wagourdsociety.org/

The below picture shows a screenshot of my webpage editor with a split screen. The top of the picture is the actual html code for my page. The bottom part of the picture is what the page will look like with the correct code edited.

The default setting was too wide for where I wanted it, so I went in and changed the html to a different width. It worked fine, I have it on my www.arizonagourds.com home page now.
I had to squeeze ours also, so it would fit into the side bar.
Thanks Oz and Bonnie for your help. I tried the copy/paste before I yelled for help. ;o) I just went in and made my own after seeing what Bonnie had. Bonnie I hope you don't mind, but I used your wording and added to it a little.

This is an aewsome place to see beautiful work and talk about gourds.

Did you add a hyperlink to it which will direct people back to this site when they click on it?
After writing how awesome this group is .... basically what Bonnie has on her index page, I put up the same photo that on this group and told people to click on the photo which is linked to this group. Did I do good?

What is your web address? I can go check it out if you like.
Looks ok to me! Thanks for adding the link.
The link worked fine for me.


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