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I'd like to add a link to my web page

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I couldn't find a box that said, add link. But I found one that said add text. So I put in the name of my website there, then there was a space to add a hyperlink, and I added that there. So it's on my page now, finally. Whew! Thanks for the help, Oz.

Yeah, the wording disapeared once I added my link. I was trying to remember what it said before I posted my link. Add text, thats it. Glad to help out, hope someone else gets use out of this forum post now.
Here is the final version (with pictures) of the above chat.

Go to you My Page, scroll down below your posts and above any pictures you have posted. Look for the "Text Box" "+ Add Text" box, click edit

Type your personal website address in the box (I added extra text to this example) then click save

Once saved your link will be saved to your My Page

Hope this helps out others who want to add personal web links to this site.

OK, I cannot even find that. It says add a link at the top of my page and I have tried 3 times and still cannot see it.

Scroll up to the reply by Washington State Gourd Society (above) and follow the instructions from there.
OK, I figured what happened. I added my facebook badge there and the words, "add text" disappeared. I hit edit and added my web site. thanks.


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