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If you google "Gourd Seed Necklaces" there is one place that tells you how to make them.  Does anyone really do this?  Do you put holes thru the center long ways or short ways?  For kids wouldn't it be better to have the holes drilled in the seed?  Is there any other way to color the seeds than using Rite Dye?  When you don't know if things are going to work out Rite Dye can be awefully expensive because you of course want more colors than just one.  When you do color the seeds how much color does the seed absorb?  Does anyone have any pictures of gourd seed projects they have done?  So far I am drilling holes with a 1/16 drill bit.  I have done it both ways but since I haven't put a necklace together yet I don't know if there is a way that works better.  I am experimenting with other ways to color the seeds.  I have used Easter Egg dye, jello, and food coloring.  The seeds pick up the colors somewhat but I don't know how much to expect the seeds to pick up the color.  Maybe what I have is the best I can get.  So far the food coloring worked the best.  The jello procedure was quite hilarious and wouldn't recommend or do it again.  LOL.

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I didn't dye my seeds and I did drill holes.


Which way did you drill the holes?  long ways or thru the center short ways?

Don't remember which end, but know it wasn't the middle.  Did you check your page?  I wrote to you earlier.  Your know it is your design so there is no right or wrong end to drill.  Have fun with it.

Thanks for sharing.  I'll try to let you know how things turn out.

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