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I would like to attach a handle to a gourd using the curved neck of another gourd. I've done this many times already, but each time I painted the gourd to cover up the joined pieces. The gourd I am working on now I would rather not paint or cover up with anything. Is it possible to put a gourd handle on the gourd and make it look clean and somewhat seamless?  

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Yes it is.

Cut your handle off the other gourd.

Measure the circle or oval at the cut end of the handle.

Mark a duplicate circle or oval on the gourd you want to attach the handle to. Yes, you can trace around the cut end of the gourd, but if the spot on the pitcher end is very curved, it won't be an exact duplicate.

Now sand the pitcher at the marked circle or oval flat. A belt sander will work to get the flat spot or an upright cylinder type sander on a workbench. I use the workbench sander so both hands are free to hang on to the gourd. Sand only the circle or oval. Do not sand outside your marked area.

Then glue the handle on with a good adhesive. I use Aleene's Jewelry and metal glue. Do not use an expanding type glue, like Gorilla glue.

Cut off a 1/8" slice of QwikWood and knead it until it is one uniform color.

Roll the kneaded QwikWood into a long thin roll and wrap it around the glued joint.

Using the side of a bamboo skewer, roll the QwikWood into the joint until the glue joint is covered.

Make a bead with the excess QuikWood.

Allow the QwikWood time to cure. Cure times are on the label.

Sand the joint lightly if needed. 


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