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I want to make my first drum and like the idea of stapling/tacking , but I have several questions:

1.  What type of staples are used?  Is it a staple gun for wood? 

2.  If you use tacks, do you predrill a hole? If you predrill, do you need to put a drop of glue in the hole?  If you do not predrill a hole, does the tack just stay in place, or do you put a drop of glue behind it?

3.  I bought the large goat skin from Bonnie, which arrived in a roll.  Do I wet the goat skin first, unroll it, and let it dry flat so I can make my measurement marks, then rewet it when ready to use?  Can the goat skin be re-wetted for use at a later date? 

4.  Can you paint the inside of the gourd drum, or will that affect the sound?

Thank you for all your help!

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Hi sandy,
Bonnie has on the Arizona gourd website a tutorial one drum making. It really good. I've made a drum and used upholstery tacks. I use glue to put down the skin on the gourd, unfortunately I don't have a picture on this devise. Look bonniegibson website

Sarah, thank you for responding. I have printed and studied Bonnie's tutorial, which led to the questions I asked. Just want to not make any mistakes.  My main question is if I can soak the skin more than once. Would you happen to know?  Thanks.

Hi, sandy, yes you can re wet the skin as long is not attached to the gourd


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