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There have been questions from new members about the general rules we have here on GAE.  We don't have many rules, but we do appreciate it if you can adhere to them, it saves your moderators a lot of time and effort.


1) Photos - We ask that you post gourd photos only.  No people pictures (save those for your profile picture) unless the gourd is the predominant part of the photo.  Each person may have as many albums as they like, but they are limited to 25 pictures TOTAL.  If you want to add new photos, then you must remove some old ones first to stay under the limit.  This is a great way to keep your albums fresh, as new photos are featured on the home page for a while after they are posted. Our focus is gourd art - we do allow photos of raw gourds, growing gourds, etc., but those are removed after a day or two.  Please do not post photos of copyrighted art such as Disney, school logos, etc.  Those will be removed immediately to protect our site from legal issues.  When leaving comments, remember that many of our members are beginners and we want everyone to be encouraged.  "Constructive comments" are best offered only when requested!


*Please add your own picture as your profile photo; if you need help the answers on how to do most things are here in the forum.


2) Groups - At this time, we allow State and National groups only.  There isn't enough space ot accomodate individual patches at this time, (however you can put your local patch news on the State pages - those are the same people that will be interested in your local events.)  Note: You don't have to be an official member of your state group to belong to the GAE state groups.  These are just casual groups for people to enjoy with others in their area.  If your state isn't represented, you are welcome to start your own state page!


3) Events - You are welcome to post events that are gourd related and are of interest to everyone.  These should be events that are at least 2 or 3 days in duration, such as festivals, retreats, etc. Shorter events such as patch meetings, classes, etc. should only be posted on the State pages.   This way the events board won't get overwhelmed with small activites.


4) Commerical postings - Our group is intended to be non-commercial.  Please do not post anything for sale, advertise, etc.  Do not tag your photos with prices.  The few ads that are on our site (Amazon, Google ads, Cafe Press) are items that generate a small revenue to cover the cost of the GAE site and benefit all of our members.


Questions?  Please check the forum topics first. Your question has probably been answered at least once.  If not, feel free to add a new discussion, or contact one of our moderators:

Bonnie Gibson - Site Administrator

James "OZ" Ozburn - Technical Administrator

Kim Bilek - Moderator

Terry Noxel - Challenge Administrator

Darlene Propp - Welcoming Host


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Oops! I've only just joined and might have broken a rule already, lol! I've mentioned in my album "My Favourite Pastime" that I've had some success selling my birdhouses on Etsy... but I haven't mentioned my actual site name, added a link to it, or talked prices - it was just a "general" comment. Is that ok? Or should I delete any mention of that?

I'm really sorry - that'll teach me to read the rules BEFORE I go all gung-ho setting up my site here, lol!

You are fine with what you have.  We just added the rule because some members were posting prices on all of their gourds and selling stuff - I'm on other groups where selling has taken over the site and we just want to avoid the commercial stuff. 

I would like to ask advice on cleaning egg gourds, what section should I ask on please? Judy

I recently joined your group.  I have 2 questions...when I joined I tried to add a profile photo..it wound up on the gourd art page..oooppps..don't know how to remove it..sorry.   2. Can we post pics of gourds if we are not " professional" painters and not as good as most?   Love looking at everyone's pics..thank you

Welcome Diane- to add a profile pic go to your "My Page" and click on settings in right hand corner. Go to profile and add pic there. PLEASE feel free to post your gourd art works. Not everyone is a pro and even those of us who are all had to start somewhere. Don't be intimidated. Be inspired!

Thanks Kim for your help. :)  I miss Gourdelia.

Thank you..I appreciate that.  I am working on one now..just started it.  First one in about 6-8 years..  Hope it turns out..many nations-many colors is the title.  Just painted..not cut in any way..got to replace tools etc.  You guys DO inspire me..thank you for your time..look forward to finishing this one now.

I can probably remove the photo for you.  Give it another try and see if you can load it as your profile picture.  We welcome everyone's gourd art from raw beginners to experts. We all have something to share!


Thank you..the photo is a flower.  Don't really have a lot of pics right now.  Tablet failure ate them.. :(.  Hope to get a laptop in Dec.  Have a tablet now.  Slowly crawling out of the dark ages and learning all these new fangled toys...lol.  Thanks for your time.

I have been looking for instructions on how to remove photos and the information I have found doesnt seem to work, it talked about opening you album, my photos are not in an album, and I have tried to find where you delete photo, but no luck. Help please.


I am trying to do the very same thing....can you tell me where you "Found It" ???  Please Denyse


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