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Please add your opinions here if you would like to see the GAE challenge remain a monthly feature or think it should be quarterly.  

Also, a lot of our membership uses facebook more than GAE.   However, GAE is far easier and more searchable when seeing answers to questions or looking for photos (I know, because I use both).  What can we do to make our GAE page more useful to you?

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Not a GAE, just on the sidelines.

How about a 2 month challenge? 6 per year. It would be easier to complete for competitors, and for administrators, easier to coordinate and judge.

just a thought 

Good idea!

I like the monthly challenge. Sometimes the theme may not be my thing,so I skip that month, but the next 2 challenges are right up my alley!

A monthly challenge may work for some, but not for me. I need more time and more advance notice to contemplate my artistic navel and my gourd supply and come up with something new for the challenge. If not switching to quarterly, has the group considered listing the subject of the challenges six months or so ahead? I also tend to favor quarterly as a way to give those running the challenge and the site some breathing room. Their efforts are appreciated! At the very least, how about a compromise? Have a holiday hiatus, with no challenge for November, December, and January?  Post all the next year's challenge topics in November. Thank you!

I think quarterly would be so much better, many of us have other obligations, and just don't have the time to do the gourds in the allotted time. By the time I get one going, it's already time to do the next one. Love this site, it is so informative, with answers to almost any question anyone might have. The photos are always so wonderful to look at!!! 'Share the Joy,' Joanne
Since I am fairly new to gourd art and I don't really know much about how to finish my gourds, for me quartly would be so much easier for me. I am still working on the September challenge! It really takes me awhile to think of my design, process how to accomplish that, and do some kind of finish on my gourds. Maybe in thirty years or more I will get the hang of it!

quarterly sounds feasible for those who are vested on a continuum. Some of us are multi media artists being pulled into other ventures which would interfere with competing in any of the challenges. 


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