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I haven't had this problem and it's puzzling me. I am doing fretwork and the bit keeps "grabbing". I have the three bits that Bonnie sells for fretwork. I haven't used 2 of them at all. One of them is my fav and I use it all the time. Since this is an important step, I decided to use a new bit. The first one really grabbed then the drill bit type bit did that same thing.   Seems I have to penetrate slowly, even then it can happen just not as much. My bits are new and I am going straight in ( perpendicular). This fretwork is going through a tiny bit thicker "meat"...... I normaly cut down down more to go through. Is it the slight thickness causing this? 

just FYI, I did remover outter skin and some gourd, sanded it smooth . Last night I had to stop. I was tired and didn't want to mess up the whole gourd box. Worked too hard on this one to mess it up.

Is it possible its just the gourd?hmmm, maybe I should see what good ole faithful ( my fav bit) reacts. This is strange.

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She sure does : )
Sandy, the last class I took with Bonnie, she showed us how she uses those particular bits. If you will start very slowly and allow the bit to just drill into the gourd, then once it breaks through, you can work the hole in any design you choose. Making the hole first keeps the bit from jumping around. Don't know if I explained that very well or not. Good luck.
oh sure you did, Connie. I've done several pieces with fretwork and just hadn't run into that particular problem before. Fretwork is one of my fav applications.
I've never had the priveledge of taking any classes though.
Prior to this gourd I only had a one speed dremel, but now have a 10speed.....and I can't believe how dumb I am. I have a foredom too, but need a better hand piece. I have had this foredom and foot pedal for many years ( I used to do other things too)....anyway, it didn't occur to me until recently that I could use the foot pedal with my 10 speed dremel.......Boy, do I feel dumb. I love using a foot pedal. My old sewing machine ( I made my children's clothes and did a lot of sewing), my little gourd saw and now my dremel all have foot pedals... :)
You aren't dumb, Sandy---it sounds like you are really into gourding. Congratulations on figuring out the foot pedal with the dremel. Smart lady!

I have had the same problem as Sandy & I have tried all of the solutions recommended. My question is, is it possible to repair the holes that are too large or have jumped in to one another. I realize it would have to be painted to have a uniform look. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 

A very thin slice of QuikWood, mixed to one color, will patch up a 'too large' hole in filigree or fretwork. You can either add the epoxy clay as a bridge to form 2 separate holes or add it to one side of an over-large hole. Keep an eye on it while it's soft. Gravity will affect soft epoxy. Once it begins to stiffen, you can shape it more with your fingers and with various clay tools and it will then hold it's shape as it finishes hardening.

Thanks Bonnie, you always seem to have the answers! I had thought of QuickWood & even bought some yesterday anticipating giving it a try. 


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